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The Original "ROPES" - 1960

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The Original "ROPES" - 1960
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Yeah!!! that's RENE GUYLLINE right in the pic!
In a former life!!!...

The "originals" with Roel Van Bambost & René (right in pic)

Backgound music are partial tracks of own written & SABAM registered songs


On this page you'll find some pics from the very beginning in the "golden sixties" till the late seventies.


(Below): The Ropes' most known pic.
With CLINT RENO (Rene Guylline) as "belgian CLIFF RICHARD"!




Raoul (Roel Van Bambost) was our leadsinger at the time. With songs such as "DA DOO RON RON", "OH BOY", "LIKE A TIGER" the dance floor was never empty... And even at the time there was already feeling for COUNTRY SONGS 'cos one of our greatest successes was Burl Yves' "A LITTLE BITTY TEAR LET ME DOWN"...

That same "Roel" with his lovely wife Miek - these days - as committed folk- poetic- & romantic singers MIEK AND ROEL both with a warm affection for Native American Culture.

Yeah! That's the same Roel, these days, now performing with his lovely wife Miek as

The ROPES 1963


THE ROPES from the early days...
From left to right:
Wilfried Paesschierssens,
Roel Van Bambost,
Rene Guylline (Clint Reno),
Philippe Venneman (+)
Herman Goethals (+ 3/10/2001).
(+) unfortunately passed away


Rene anno 1964

Yeah, that's Rene allright!
So much younger and still WITH hair!!!


"Shadows" music by Herman,
Will(fried), Rene & (below) Philippe.


Philippe Venneman, only 16 when he joined THE (original)ROPES and already a promising talent...
After the split of the band, he started playin' SAX, jazz mostly, and would make some fine recordings along with "ketje" TOOTS THIELEMANS.
He was always dreaming 'bout a reunion concert, but left this world in a car crash...

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